A Richline International Announcement
Monday, September 12th, 2011

Richline International is proud to announce it has signed a letter of intent to acquire the production, designs, intellectual property and distribution rights to the Italian precious metal brand Carniani.

Dennis Ulrich, CEO of Richline, stated “Lucio Carniani will continue to be in charge of the Carniani brand while utilizing the Richline International strengths in manufacturing and distribution. Richline will work to enhance and expand the Carniani collections and expand sales internationally.

He added, “Richline’s continued commitment to a combination of Italian creativity and quality craftsmanship, with the addition of our aggressive marketing, ensures the Carniani brand’s future relevance and success”.

Carniani was founded by Patrizio Carniani in 1978 and immediately Lucio joined the family business and is known for its exclusive, original designs and high quality handcrafted precious metal jewelry. The Carniani manufacturing process has been developed over many years of training and is unique around the world.

Lucio Carniani commented “we look forward to working with the Richline organization and to immediately begin to expand the Carniani brand.

Claudio Gadani, noted, “Carniani compliments well Richline’s current brands and will enable Richline to expand its product offering to clients throughout the world”.

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