Richline CMO To Join Responsible Sourcing Conference at JCK Las Vegas

Richline Group CMO, Mark Hanna will join several other industry leaders for a Rappaport-hosted round table discussion centered around responsible sourcing for jewelers on May 31st at JCK Las Vegas from 3–4:30pm.

According to event host, Rappaport’s website,

Leading members and organizations of the jewelry industry will meet to discuss what can and should be done to improve responsible sourcing in the diamond and jewelry trade.

Issues to be discussed will include:

  • What can jewelers do to ensure that the legitimacy of the products they sell?
  • What should be done about the sale of synthetic and treated diamonds as natural diamonds?
  • How can international trade organizations work together to protect the integrity of the diamond and jewelry industry?
  • What role can and should Chain of Custody standards play in ensuring the legitimacy of jewelry products?

This is your opportunity to learn about what you can do to ensure responsible sources of supply and develop strategies that will help you protect your reputation and increase your business.

Learn more about the event at or click here to register to attend.