Richline to Unveil Smart Jewelry Designs and Partnerships at JCK

Richline Brands is set to introduce it’s highly anticipated foray into the world of wearable technology with an array of smart jewelry offerings at the JCK trade show in Las Vegas.

Fitbit® Compatible Jewelry from Richline Group“Understanding the impact that the emerging wearables space will have on the jewelry industry has been a core focus for Richline over the past two years,” said Richline CEO Dennis Ulrich. “A lot of hard work and collaboration has gone into this project, and we are thrilled to finally be able to show the industry our vision for the future of fine jewelry wearables.”

JCK will be the first opportunity for the jewelry industry to see designs that Richline has been hinting at since announcing distribution deals with Omate and Cuff earlier this year. In addition to these celebrated firms and previously-announced partnerships, Richline will also introduce new products featuring differentiated technology from companies including Say and MightyCast.

In addition to proprietary innovations, Richline is introducing an assortment of “compatibles” which will offer millions of women a more stylish and luxury alternative for use with existing wearable products such as Fitbit® and Jawbone®.

According to Richline CMO, Mark Hanna, “We felt it was essential to balance entirely new innovations as well as elegant options for existing products. On the one hand, there are several popular fitness wearables that we can help make more stylish. On the other, recent advances in technology have made it possible for us to create jewelry, for the elegant lifestyle, that can do far more than fitness.”

Richline is introducing two tiers of product offerings: Fine Jewelry, which primarily consists of designs made with precious metals, and Fashion Jewelry, which offers more affordable designs made with Bronze and base metals. In addition to fitness tracking, many of Richline’s proprietary designs will offer features centered around personalization, notifications and discrete personal security. Designs look to bring a combination of style and tech to an entirely untapped audience of fashion-forward fine jewelry shoppers.

“We are extremely proud of our initial offering of smart jewelry,” said Ramona Genao-Archibald, Richline Brands’ EVP of Merchandising, “and we feel like we are just getting started. We have an amazing team here at Richline that is dedicated to finding the best emerging technologies and finding new ways to make them look better than ever before.”

Asked why such a major investment in the category, Richline VP Cindy Witting commented “Because, for today’s active woman Function needs Fashion”.


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