Richline’s Mark Hanna on Jewelry Industry Efforts to Protect Wildlife

From JCK Magazine:

JCK: Why is Richline leading the charge for protecting endangered wildlife?

Mark Hanna: Everyone in the industry needs to protect, defend, and advance our industry’s reputation for trustability. We take this very seriously. Richline is currently working on many government/public/private initiatives including conflict minerals, made in USA, FTC jewelry industry guidelines and now, more visibly, wildlife and biodiversity conservation. […]

JCK: How can industry spread this message to consumers?

Hanna: Understand the issue and make a commitment to help the consumer understand it. In February 2014, the White House released the National Strategy for Combating Wildlife Trafficking to stop the illegal trade of wildlife into the United States. In that strategy, President Obama called for a collaborative effort with foreign governments, international organizations, nongovernmental organizations, and the private sector in order to reduce supply and demand of illegal wildlife products and materials. […] I don’t think any of us want to explain to our grandchildren someday that elephants and rhinos went extinct on our watch, and that something could have been done to save them.

Read the full interview on JCK’s website to learn more about how those in the jewelry industry are working together to fight illegal wildlife trafficking.