Richline Jewelry: The Chrysalis Catalyst

Professional Jeweller on the Chrysalis brand:

It’s been almost a year since British jewellery brand Chrysalis partnered with US-based manufacturer, distributor and marketer, Richline, and the company has certainly seen strong results from this collaboration.

While Richline is the outright owner of the Chrysalis concept, co-founders Andrea and David Maine continue to run the company with Richline’s support and financial backing. When the two joined forces, no-one could have predicted just how well the partnership would go and, furthermore, the snowball of success the brand would enjoy.

To give you an indication of its rapid growth Chrysalis opened 40 new doors in Latin America, over 40 new accounts in Spain and 11 Chrysalis shop-in-shops in Switzerland at the end of 2015 alone. At the recent Italy-based Vicenza trade show the brand’s Italian distributors opened 50 new accounts, while Portugal is set to have more than 190 Chrysalis shop-in-shops implemented before the end of 2016.

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