Richline Group Featured in Responsible Jewelry Council Annual Progress Report

Mark Hanna, as featured in the 2016 Annual Progress Report from the Responsible Jewelry Council:

Richline believes that our Corporate Social Responsibility programs must be authentic. We pursue a “Return on Responsibility” model that considers our investment in responsible practices by examining all the positive effects of our future viability. Transparency and trustability are real goals. Our RJC Membership and participation is a catalyst for the guidance and verification of our corporate commitments. RJC’s certified Members clearly exhibit this responsible commitment; one that is meaningful to the jewelry industry’s reputational value and consumer positioning. RJC Membership and certification is an investment in harmonized, responsible initiatives. As responsible leaders in our industry, RJC devotes time, effort and money to do work that, in many cases, is not easy to measure. Our RJC Membership keeps us on track and the network of RJC Members ensures a “best in class” framework for initiatives.

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