Richline Group a Proud Member of Jewelry Industry Initiative to Combat Wildlife Trafficking

As announced by the U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance, Richline Group—alongside jewelry industry leaders Signet Jewelers and Tiffany & Co.—is celebrating World Wildlife Day by announcing its commitments to support broad jewelry industry efforts in the fight against wildlife trafficking.

“The only way to stop wildlife trafficking is to band together, continue the jewelry industry’s existing steadfastness to legal compliance and to stop supply and demand. Everyone in this industry has an essential part to play,” said Mark Hanna, Chief Marketing Officer at the Berkshire Hathaway owned Richline Group, Inc. “Richline and our industry organization partners are committed to raise awareness and share best practices with our peers to achieve progress on this critical issue.  We hope the announcements today will be a catalyst for a series of additional commitments from others in our industry.”

Richline Group’s commitments include keeping the elimination of wildlife trafficking part of best practice discussion, and to assist companies that want to update their codes of conduct through the newly introduced

“Worldwide demand for ivory and other illegal wildlife products is decimating iconic wildlife populations and supporting international criminal syndicates that are destabilizing governments and supporting terrorist groups,” said David J. Hayes, Chair of the U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance. “The Alliance is honored to partner with leading companies, conservation organizations, and the U.S. government to educate U.S. consumers and shut down U.S. demand for illegal wildlife products. By putting our wallets in line with our values we can work together to protect these treasured species for the benefit of our planet, our security, and future generations.”

Wildlife trafficking is a criminal, multi-billion dollar industry centered on the killing of endangered and threatened species to produce illegal products made from ivory, snake skins, animal furs, and other animal parts. The U.S. is one of the largest markets for these products, which means that demand from American businesses and consumers influences whether lions, elephants, pangolins, and other at-risk species will become extinct within our lifetime.

For a complete list of companies and NGOs partnering with the U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance visit For upcoming information on how jewelers can help fight wildlife trafficking, sign up at


Richline’s Mark Hanna on Jewelry Industry Efforts to Protect Wildlife

From JCK Magazine:

JCK: Why is Richline leading the charge for protecting endangered wildlife?

Mark Hanna: Everyone in the industry needs to protect, defend, and advance our industry’s reputation for trustability. We take this very seriously. Richline is currently working on many government/public/private initiatives including conflict minerals, made in USA, FTC jewelry industry guidelines and now, more visibly, wildlife and biodiversity conservation. […]

JCK: How can industry spread this message to consumers?

Hanna: Understand the issue and make a commitment to help the consumer understand it. In February 2014, the White House released the National Strategy for Combating Wildlife Trafficking to stop the illegal trade of wildlife into the United States. In that strategy, President Obama called for a collaborative effort with foreign governments, international organizations, nongovernmental organizations, and the private sector in order to reduce supply and demand of illegal wildlife products and materials. […] I don’t think any of us want to explain to our grandchildren someday that elephants and rhinos went extinct on our watch, and that something could have been done to save them.

Read the full interview on JCK’s website to learn more about how those in the jewelry industry are working together to fight illegal wildlife trafficking.

Dennis Ulrich Named as 2016 Facets of Hope Honoree by Jewelers For Children

From the Jewelers for Children press release on

Jewelers for Children (JFC) will honor Stuart Lee of Signet Jewelers and Dennis Ulrich of the Richline Group as honorees for the group’s annual Facets of Hope event set for June 2016.

The event traditionally celebrates JFC’s fundraising efforts for the year, and its commitments to charity partners are announced, according to a JFC announcement.


Jewelers for Children was founded in 1999 by the U.S. jewelry industry with the mission of helping children in need. Since its inception, JFC has donated more than $ 48 million to programs benefiting children whose lives have been affected by illness, abuse or neglect.

Richline Group is proud to learn that CEO Dennis Ulrich will be honored by Jewelers For Children alongside Stuart Lee, Signet’s executive vice president of merchandising, at their 2016 annual event in Las Vegas.

Visit Jewelers For Children’s website to learn more or to enjoy highlights from the 2015 Facets of Hope event.

Mark Hanna Acknowledged For Social Responsibility Leadership by The CMO Club

Richline Group is proud and honored that CMO, Mark Hanna, is one of four prestigious winners of the 2015 CMO Social Responsibility Award.

From The CMO Club announcement:

The CMO Club is proud to present the winners of the 2015 CMO Awards in the categories for Content Engagement, Creativity and Story Telling, Customer Experience, Growth, Leadership, Marketing Innovation, Officers, Rising Star, Social Responsibility, and President’s Circle.


CMO Social Responsibility Award Winners – Based on a marketing executive’s demonstrated leadership in corporate social responsibility and/or cause marketing efforts for social and other charitable causes.

  • Mark Hanna, Richline Group
  • Paul Hillen, Cargill
  • Karen Quintos, Dell
  • Diane Scott, Western Union

Mark’s passion for social responsibility continues to ensure that these essential values are at the core of Richline Group’s present and future initiatives. It is rewarding to see Mark’s leadership acknowledged by his peers, and for Richline Group to be listed alongside several world-class companies making meaningful strides in sustainability and corporate responsibility.

All CMOs to be honored at The CMO Awards event on November 17th. For more information on the awards program and category winners, visit

Richline Working With New U.S. Alliance to Combat Wildlife Trafficking

In 2014 President Obama launched the National Strategy for Combating Wildlife Trafficking. The U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance builds on this initiative through the formation of a new voluntary partnership between major companies and non-profit organizations to eliminate U.S. demand for ivory, rhino horn and other illegal wildlife products. Richline Group is in discussions with the newly formed U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance alongside fellow leaders at luxury brands like Tiffany’s and Ben Bridge Jewelers.

When asked about the need for collaboration with companies like Richline, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, who serves as co-chair of the President’s Task Force, said:

“To put an end to this scourge of killing and trafficking rare and iconic wildlife, we need the help of companies and others outside the government. Already, many companies are leading by example by raising public awareness and implementing best practices to support sustainable supply chains that avoid contributions to illegal wildlife trade.

The creation of this Alliance will provide invaluable assistance in our fight. There is no question that how we deal with wildlife trafficking activities here in the United States will have an enormous influence on our global success in dealing with the crisis.”

Richline has always taken a strong stance against the use of illegally acquired wildlife and wildlife products. Our team is committed to the mission of this new task force, and we are working to integrate the goal of raising awareness of the scope of the wildlife trafficking crisis into Richline Responsible initiatives.

To learn more, visit the U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance website.

Richline To Distribute New Ungaro Smart Ring

From Omate:

Inspired from the iconic design of the Diva perfume – a fragrance for Women which has been introduced by Emanuel Ungaro in 1983, the Ungaro ring aimed to empower modern women by connecting them to what matters the most – their inner circle.

Based on the “less is more” mantra; the Ungaro ring is leading a new generation of wearable fashion tech through the Omate platform.


The Ungaro ring will come in plated gold or silver along with an assortment of five gemstones: blue topaz; opalite; onyx; sapphire and ruby. The ring will be assembled by Richline Group – the World’s foremost Fine Tech Jewelry Manufacturer and Marketer, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. – in their Arezzo, Italy factory.

The collection will be available from November 2015 in the retail through Richline Group from $500 to $2,000.

Richline Group is proud of our continued partnership with Omate and their growing assortment of fine-tech jewelry. In addition to producing and distributing the Ungaro Ring, Richline’s jewelry-manufacturing experts worked closely with the team at Omate to help bring this design collaboration to life.

To learn more, read the full press release or contact our sales team for additional information regarding this new innovative collaboration between Ungaro, Omate and Richline.

Dennis Ulrich Elected as Jewelers For Children Board Chair

From IDEX:

The board of industry charity Jewelers for Children (JFC) has elected Dennis Ulrich of the Richline Group to the role of chair of the board effective October 1. Ulrich will replace Ruth Batson of the American Gem Society and AGS Laboratories who is to conclude a second, one-year term.

Richline Group is proud of the leadership role that CEO, Dennis Ulrich, is taking in this essential industry initiative.

“It’s an honor to be asked to serve as board chair of this organization an that works tirelessly to help children in need,” said Ulrich. “What Jewelers for Children has accomplished in just 18 years is nothing short of extraordinary. I feel privileged to follow in Ruth’s footsteps, and look forward to working alongside a truly inspiring group of industry leaders on behalf of such a important cause.”

To learn more about how the jewelry industry is working together to help children in need, visit Jewelers for Children.

Richline Group Introduces Wearable Style News Website

Richline, a leader in fine jewelry and the emerging category of FineWear Technology, announces the arrival of a new and robust blog, Wearable Style News. WSN brings a unique “function needs fashion” perspective to the rapidly growing world of wearables. By aggregating the latest news and gaining exclusive interviews with industry newsmakers, the blog fills a major editorial gap.

“We believe the industry needed a new voice,” says Mark Hanna, CMO of the Richline Group. “Too much of the conversation is about the inventive technology and not enough time is spent on the design and style of these new products,” he adds. “Today’s elegant women will not be caught dead putting on a clunky wearable so we’re hoping this blog will guide the industry to rethink its function-first approach,” concludes Hanna.

Wearable Style News focuses on the designers, technologists, and manufacturers who are leading the wearable industry. The blog features curated and original content, including interviews with industry talent such as Uri Keren, CEO and co-founder of Hermes Innovation, Scott Amyx of Amyx+McKinsey, and Amanda Parkes, Chief of Technology & Research for Manufacture NY.

In addition to interviews and product profiles, Wearable Style News provides coverage of relevant conferences and events. Readers can also follow the blog on Twitter, where the editors are often found commenting on the newest releases in the market.

Editorial submissions should be emailed to

Click here to visit


Richline Group, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., is the USA’s foremost Fine Jewelry Manufacturer and Marketer. The Richline Group was formed in 2007. Currently, the major brands comprising Richline’s portfolio are LeachGarner, Inverness, Rio Grande and Richline Brands. Berkshire Hathaway, and its subsidiaries, engage in diverse business activities including property and casualty insurance, utilities and energy, finance, manufacturing, retailing and services. The Common Stock of the Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbols BRK.A and BRK.B.

For more information, please contact:

Mark Hanna P: (212) 886–6212 E:


Richline Introduces Finewear Collection with Virtual Reality

As part of the Richline-sponsored World of Wearable Technology event at the JCK show in Las Vegas, Richline partnered with Next Galaxy and Eon Reality. to create a one-of-a-kind VR experience showcasing its wearable jewelry collection.

A video of this immersive and futuristic jewelry shopping experience is now available for all who were unable to attend the World of Wearables event.

Richline is continuing to work with both Next Galaxy and Eon Reality to turn this initial proof of concept into an application that can be used by its retail partners to show off their new Finewear collection.

“We are excited to be working with Richline Group to create a great VR shopping experience,” said Next Galaxy Corp. CEO Mary Spio. “We believe this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential for VR to revolutionize shopping and e-commerce. By providing the ability to preview content in new ways, our technology could dramatically improve sales and conversions.”

Click here to learn more about this continuing partnership.

Richline Sponsored FineWear Technology Panel Now Available Online

Richline was proud to sponsor the first-ever FineWear Technology panel covering wearable technology, connected devices and smart jewelry during Jewelry Market Week at the JCK show in Las Vegas. The video of the panel, which took place at the Mandalay Bay Hotel on May 28th, 2015, is now available for viewing in its entirety courtesy of Scott Amyx.

Our thanks to Dave Monahan of FitLinxx, Amanda Parkes of Manufacture NY, Scott Amyx of Amyx+McKinsey, and Sonny Vu of Misfit for participating in the panel; to Robin Raskin, Founder and President of Living in Digital Times for moderating; and to JCK for hosting this Richline-sponsored event.