Dave Meleski

Chief Executive Officer

Dave Meleski is the president & CEO of Richline Group. Dave started his career in the Merchandising Department of Best Products Catalog Showrooms. Afterward, he served as vice president of Product Development at Town and Country Manufacturing Company, a multinational jewelry manufacturer. In 1992, Dave moved to the Aurafin Corporation, a manufacturer/distributor of jewelry products, as vice president of sales and marketing. Ultimately, he served as president and CEO and managing partner of the business prior to selling the business to Berkshire Hathaway in 2007.

Dave has served as the president of Richline Group since 2007, during which time he expanded the business to a multinational operation based across four continents. He added CEO to his role when Dennis Ulrich retired in 2018.

Dave earned a bachelor of science in mathematics from Randolph-Macon College. He has been married to Dee Meleski for 37 years and they have three children. His personal interests include his family, golf, and skiing. He serves on several boards including Jewelers for Children Charities, Manufacturers and Jewelers of America, Plumb Club of New York, and Randolph Macon College Board of Trustees.